Lego Technic and Creator 2016 – Official Pictures

Just like City theme, Lego has uploaded pictures of a few sets that will make part of the next 2016 wave of Creator and Technic. The list, for now, is a bit short but it’s possible already to see four new sets of each one.

For now I must say that these four creator sets didn’t excite me at all and not even the fact of being 3*1 boxes changes that. In comparison, Technic is definitely more appellative and at the first glance both Gateway Racer (this one has a pullback feature that is awesome in terms of playability) and Hydroplane Racer are surely pretty

These eight, together with the rest of the wave, will start retailing next January (perhaps a bit earlier…). Have a close look at them below.

31042 – Super Soarerlego-31042-Super-Soarer

31043 – Chopper Transporterlego-31043-Chopper-Transporter

31044 – Park Animalslego-31044-Park-animals

31045 – Ocean Explorerlego-31045-Ocean-Explorer

42044 – Display Team Jetlego-42044-Display-Team-Jet

42045 – Hydroplane Racerlego-42045-Hydroplane-Racer

42046 – Gateway Racerlego-42046-Gateway-Racer

42047 – Police Interceptorlego-42047-Police-Interceptor

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