Lego Technic 2015 – The Official Images

The 2015 technic sets, just like a few more themes, have finally been unveiled. With sizes and prices for every wallet there are absolutely some great vehicles in this first wave as well as some really awesome features.

At the first glance, besides all the beauty and details that this theme usually brings, the first thing that caught my attention was the bunch of stickers that a few sets vehicles will bring, namely the Quad Bike and the big Race Truck. For the most fanatic fans I’m not sure that if this is going to be a good idea…

I’m not an enthusiastic fan of this theme, despite all the great features and technique that it has, but I don’t resist to reveal my favorites: the compact Tracked Loader (42032) and the 24 Race Car (42039): two different concepts and sizes that are definitely in the podium!

All of them present a 2*1 or a pullback function logo and are expected to hit stores in the beginning of 2015. Please have a look at the gallery:

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