Lego Super Heroes Hulk Polybag Found

A new Polybag has been seen in a Canadian Classifieds website.  The bag has only twenty seven pieces but the content looks really cool, featuring Hulk, as a mini-figure which is rather uncommon, a white ATV with a detachable function and a big sticker sheet.

Hulk has the traditional green skin shades and its torso seems quite detailed showing plenty of muscles. The ATV is pretty small and uses the tiniest possible wheels.  However it has space for the driver, a usual handle at the front and lights at the front and back. Right in the middle there a small detachable mechanism that allows Hulk to easily split it into two which is great in terms of

Unfortunately, there is a small ToysRUs stamp which most probably will mean that it will be a retailer exclusive. There’s no additional information for now about its price or availability.

Via The Brick Fan

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