Lego Super Heroes 76004 and 76000 – New Pictures of These New 2013 Sets

The set boxes of the Spider Man cycle chase (76004) and of the Aquaman on ice – Batman against Mr Freeze (76000) finally appeared. Both have similar sizes, small sets I would say and will cost maximum around fifteen dollars. I’m not one of the most enthusiastic Super heroes’ sets but I must say that and two have pretty nice details.

By the picture below, we can see that both have three mini-figures, a major vehicle which is a batboat, in the case of the 76000, with a great color combination (black and yellow). This set has also a sort of ice jail with a small white base and a couple of transparent blue pieces which intend to simulate the ice.

The Spider Cycle Chase, on the other hand has a motorcycle

for Spider man and a great green vehicle for the bandit Nick Fury (according to Wikipedia). Venon with its four long arms at the back looks also a nice added value to the set. Enjoy the pictures…

Lego 76000 Aquaman on ice – Batman against Mr Freeze

Lego 76004 Spider Cycle Chase

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    • I have said this many a time, it is a children’s TOY when they get one of these the don’t care about the way batman’s suppose to be, or the way anything’s suppose to be they just want to play with it.

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