Lego Super Heroes 6873 – Spider-Man’s Doc Ock Ambush

Spider man’s Ambush is a Marvel’ set released this summer in which the main building is obviously Doctor Ock’s Lab. It also contains an unusual ATV (at least it looks like it…) and three mini-figures (Spider Man, Doc Ock and Iron Fist) among a total of almost three hundred pieces. All this for about thirty dollars is not bad, for sure.

The set intends to recreate an action where Doctor Octopus with his evil mind arrests Iron Fist and tries of several ways to steal his great superpowers. For that Doc has at his disposal in the Lab some ingenious machines and computers among a big tower with a fan, an experience bed in the center and a big magnifying glass at the right.These three different parts of the lab are built separately and then attached in the final through small black pins, a common procedure in many other sets. Doctor Octupus’ arms are built with small technique pieces and finally attached at his back. Indeed it is a unique and outstanding figure.Talking about the small vehicle, it looks like a city ATV, only bigger. This one has a bigger chassis, bigger wheels, and some interesting features for doc. Ock. It has a couple of rocket launchers at both sides and at the back there are some long arms in order to catch spider man or Iron Fist.

A good value for money, that’s for sure. Besides the usual comic book, the instructions can be found right here:

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