Lego Super Heroes 6865 – Captain America’s Avenging Cycle

The smallest Marvel’s set is a bit expensive. Three mini-figures (Captain America-exclusive from this set – and two Alien soldiers) among seventy two small pieces for about thirteen dollars is surely pricey. In my guess that is the price to pay for an excellent replication of Captain America’s bike as well as four three nicely detailed mini-figures.

In terms of building it not an outstanding experience, as you would expect in a small dimension set. The bike is built is with about twenty pieces and it is extremely like the usual police motorcycles, as you may see in the pictures below. However it has nice details such as room for a back clip to handle the Captain America which I specially enjoy.On the other hand the aliens are extremely well printed specially their torsos. Both are armed with the difference that the general is upon a spacecraft and the soldier is on a small gunner. For kids looks like a very good set in terms of playability although it is the only set from this sub-theme.If you like these characters go ahead because you won’t regret it. If necessary the instructions are right here:

Please take a look at the set’s gallery:

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