Lego Super Heroes 6860 – The Batcave

Being the biggest Super Heroes set, it is however a smaller version of the Batcave (the big one – Lego 7783 – was released six years ago) it has almost half of the bricks of the previous, but the features and all its aesthetic is very nice. It has five great mini-figures (Batman, Robin, Bruce Wayne, Bane and the girls Poison Ivy), the big cave and all its modules and two vehicles: a batcycle and Bane’s drill.

The building has three distinct areas. In the left there is the cave’s entrance with enough space, not only for the drill and the batcycle, but also to other different vehicles such as the batmobile for instance. Above the entrance there is the computer’s area with several desktops, a nice desk and a couple of wall maps and pictures, among other things.Next to it there is the weapons arsenal room, which can be accessed in the ground floor through an ingenious elevator. Here we can find, besides a computerized image of a suite, some nice weapons and tools for batman and Robin. Handcuffs, binoculars and much more can be found in this secret (almost…) area. Finally there is a small cell were the prisoners are trapped with nice blue fluorescent bars.

Talking about the vehicles, the batcycle has some technique pieces on which attach the two rocker launchers and two nice yellow wheels. The driller has a square chassis, made with, mostly, technique pieces in order to attach the wheels and the rocket launchers. The six!! wheels have also a couple of crawlers, making this driller an all terrain car and finally of course a huge drill at the front to destroy everything that comes around.In terms of possible acquisition, this set respects the theme’s average price per piece: ten cents, which is the same as saying that will cost around seventy dollars and has almost seven hundred pieces. If you like it good ahead and you won’t regret it. If necessary, the instructions and the comic book can be found right below:

Please take a look at the gallery, below:

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