Lego Super Heroes 6858 – Catwoman Catcycle City Chase

Definitely, this is a good set for a small price. It has about ninety pieces, two mini-figures (cat woman and batman) a rearranged motorcycle, e different light sign and a bunch of garbage cans. And most of all it has some exclusive pieces, such as the torsos and the small bat and of course the catwoman.

The moto has the same structure of the usual city bikes, only with a different color and some small changes especially at the back. The light sign and its street corner made me remind the one that is in the Police Chase (this one), but this one is surely better because it has lights available to the four possible cross ways.

The figures are a must and most of all a good addition to any collection. Globally the set is a nice deal and integrates perfectly in any city, after all Catwoman and Batman are urban characters. If necessary the building instructions can be found right here:

Please take at look at additional photos:

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