Lego Super Heroes 6857 – The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape

This DC Universe set is probably one of the most colored sets of the year. The “evil funhouse” and its roller coaster is of course the main attraction. With almost four hundred pieces and five mini-figures (The Joker, Robin, Harley Quinn, The Riddler and the Batman) it has a bunch of interesting features in terms of playability.

Starting by the two floor building, it is easy and fast to build because basically it is made of columns and some of arches. Once it is made, there is plenty to play with. The most appealing is of course the small roller coaster. The sloping rails with the little wagon are a must and the only con is the track’s size. It should be definitely bigger.Besides this, there is on the left side, the big hammer and at the right, there is a crane where Robin will have a hard time, upside down. The crane is made with some technique pieces and the final result is very competent, after all Robin’s weight is very small. At the top of the house, there is a big picture of the Joker which unfortunately is a stick instead of a printed piece.Batman this time has a batcycle with big wheels which is extremely easy to build although its size. It has a decent seat, however sometimes Batman doesn’t seat well and often falls. Talking about the mini-figures, once again, they are very well accurate with plenty of interesting details.Is it a good acquisition? According to the price, about fourty dollars, looking at the bunch of colors and most of all, the set’s playability, I would say that this is surely a great set to add to the portfolio. If necessary the instructions and the comic book are available right here:

Please take a look at the set’s gallery:

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  1. I just got the Super Hero Funhouse #6857. I am trying to find out how much space it takes once all put together. Need to create a space before start the assembly,

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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