Lego Star Wars – The Rogue One Official Set Line

Here they are! The new Rogue One Star Wars sets have finally been unveiled. After the couple of sets revealed yesterday (the Imperial Assault Hovertank -75152 and the Rebel U-wing Fighter- 75155), Lego has shown the rest of the wave that will be available in the end of September.

The list of missing sets will be composed by the AT-ST Walker (75153), TIE Striker (75154), the Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75156) and the Buildable Figures  Sergeant Jyn Erso (75119), K2SO (75120), and the Imperial Death Trooper(75121) .lego-75119-75120-75121-75152-75153-75154-75155-75156-rogue-one-star-wars

Have a look at the official pictures:

AT-ST Walker (75153)lego-75153-star-wars lego-75153-star-wars-1

TIE Striker (75154)lego-75154-star-wars lego-75154-star-wars-1

Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75156)lego-75156-star-wars lego-75156-star-wars-1

Sargeant Jyn Erso (75119)

K2SO (75120)
lego-75120-star-warslego-75120-star-wars-1Imperial Death Trooper (75121)lego-75121-star-wars-1 lego-75121-star-wars

Imperial Assault Hovertank (75152)lego-75152-star-wars lego-75152-star-wars-1

Rebel U-wing Fighter (75155)lego-75155-star-wars lego-75155-star-wars-1

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