Lego Star Wars – Some new 2017 Pictures

A few new star Wars set pictures have been found on Eurobricks, showing some new microfighters and also four regular sets. In terms of microfighters, the news include U-Wing (75160), Tie Striker (75161), Y-Wing (75162) and Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75163.

The regular sets include a couple of battle packs (the rebel trooper – 75164 and the Imperial Trooper – 75165), the Battle of Scarif (75171) and the Y-Wing Starfighter (75171). Please keep in mind that the list is far away of being completed and many more of them will shortly be

Have a look at them:

75160 – U-Wing lego-star-wars-microfighters-75160

75161 – Tie Striker lego-star-wars-microfighters-75161

75162 – Y-Wing lego-star-wars-microfighters-75162

75163 – Krennic’s Imperial Shuttlelego-star-wars-microfighters-75163

75164 – Rebel Trooper Battle Pack lego-star-wars-75164

75165 – Imperial Trooper Battle Pack lego-star-wars-75165

75171 – Battle on Scarif lego-star-wars-75171

75172 – Y Wing Starfighter lego-star-wars-75172

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