Lego Star Wars – Is this the final 2014 set list?

Looks like Star Wars has raised a level towards the definitive set list for next winter, leaving almost all the rumors behind. David Hall aka Solid Brix Studios has just published an image with what it seems to be the final list for the 2014 first wave of sets. With a range number between 75028 and 75046, it includes nineteen (!!!) sets divided in three groups.

There will be four battle packs each one with four mini-figures, a new line called “Recruitment” that will replace the “planets”, which for now will present the fans with six sets and finally the regular line with nine new sets, including the one presented last month, at the SDCC, the AT-AP (Lego 75043).

Have a look at the complete set list. At the first glance it surely looks more than a rumor…

Battle Packs:

75034 – Death Star Troopers

75035 – Troopers Kashyyyk

75036 – Utapau Troopers

75037 – Battle on Saleucami

Recruitment (replaces the line” Planets “):

75028 – Clone Turbo Tank

75029 – AAT

75030 – Millennium Falcon

75031 – TIE Interceptor

75032 – X-Wing Fighter

75033 – Imperial Star Destroyer

Regular Range System :

73038 – Jedi Interceptor (Anakin’s Yellow)

75039 – V-Wing Starfighter

75040 – General Grievous’ Wheel Bike

75041 – Vulture Droid

75042 – Droid Gunship

75043 – AT-AP

75044 – Droid Tri-Fighter

75045 – Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon

75046 – Gunship Coruscant Police

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