Lego Star Wars 9526 – Palpatine’s Arrest

Palpatine’s Arrest was released in 2012, April and intends to recreate a scene from the revenge of the Sith, the episode III of star wars. It has the Palpatine’s headquarters, a small speeder vehicle and six exclusive!! Mini-figures: Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Chanceller Palpetine which has a dual printed head, Anakin SkyWalker (the speeder is waiting for him!), Agen Kolar and finally Tiin with a brown cape.

In total, the set has almost six hundred and fifty pieces and surely plenty of playability. Starting by the speeder it is nice and easy to build and I specially enjoy the cockpit, where the pilot almost lies down in the seat and the small rear flaps. The windshield is a single piece and opens easily thanks to a small but efficient technique piece.

The big platform itself is constituted by three different areas. The  headquarters with a big central chair with plenty of glass behind, three brown platforms with a couple of  orange surveillance lights, attached, through a bunch of pins, and a launching hangar with a couple of gray stairs for the fast speeder. Does the set worth the price? Absolutely not, for ninety dollars there are better sets, with a lot more of playability. But if you’re a big star wars fan,  I will surely give you all the benefit of doubt. If necessary the instructions can easily be downloaded from here:

9526 instructions

Please take a look at some additional photos:

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