Lego Star Wars – 2017 Winter Official Pictures

New official pictures of the second wave of Star Wars sets have been unveiled, showing most part of the sets that will be available in the end of the Year and of course lots of great vehicles and space ships as well as new mini-figures.

The available set list includes ten new sets, some of them already known for a while, with sizes and prices for every wallet. Usually the bigger sets are the most appellative and there’s no doubt that the Tracker One is really very

Have a look at them:

75166 – First Order Transport Speeder Battle Packlego-star-wars-75166 lego-star-wars-75166-1

75167 – Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Packlego-star-wars-75167 lego-star-wars-75167-1

75178 – Jakku Quadjumperlego-star-wars-75178 lego-star-wars-75178-1

75180 – Rathtar Escapelego-star-wars-75180 lego-star-wars-75180-1

75182 – Republic Fighter Tanklego-star-wars-75182 lego-star-wars-75182-1

75183 – Darth Vader Transformationlego-star-wars-75183 lego-star-wars-75183-1

75185 – Tracker Ilego-star-wars-75185 lego-star-wars-75185-1

75531 – Stormtrooper Commanderlego-star-wars-75531-1 lego-star-wars-75531

75532 – Scout Trooper & Speeder Bikelego-star-wars-75532 lego-star-wars-75532-1

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