Lego Star Wars 2016 – The rest of the set list

In addition to the latest post, here you have a few more Star Wars 2016 pictures. There aren’t properly, for now, any big sets and on the other hand there are once again a few opportunities to get some mini-figures for a small price.

Two of them, in my opinion, highlight from the rest, and I mean specifically the Obi-Wan Jedi Interceptor (75135) which is awesome in terms of color design and playability, and the Carbon Freezing Chamber (75137) that besides the four mini-figures shows a fantastic color

These, just like the rest of the wave can be found shortly on general retail. Take a look at them:

75131 – Resistance Trooper Battle Packlego-75131-star-wars

75132 – First Order Battle Packlego-75132-star-wars

75135 – Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptorlego-75135-star-wars

75136 – Droid Escape Podlego-75136-star-wars

75137 – Carbon Freezing Chamberlego-75137-star-wars

75138 – Hoth Attacklego-75138-star-wars

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