Lego Speed Champions 2017 -The First pics

New Year’s Day was particularly interesting for speed champions sets with the revelation of six new sets. This is perhaps one of the most interesting themes in terms of playability and the new sets definitely follow that trend.

The set list is composed by: the Mercedes AMG GT3 (75877), the Bugatti Chiron (75878), la Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H (75879), the  Ford GT 2016 & Ford 1966 GT40 (75881), the Ferrari FXX K & Development Center (75882) and finally as the head set, the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team (75883).lego-75883-mercedes-amg-petronas-formula-one-team-speed-champions

Note that there’s at least a gap between the Scuderia and the Ford GT that indicates that soon we’ll probably hear some more about new cars. The sets will be available only on April with prices between the fifteen and the hundred dollars. Have a close look at them:

75877 Mercedes AMG GT3lego-75877-mercedes-amg-gt3-speed-champions

75878 Bugatti Chironlego-75878-bugatti-chiron-speed-champions

75879 Scuderia Ferrari SF16-Hlego-75879-scuderia-ferrari-sf16-h-speed-champions

75881 Ford GT 2016 & Ford 1966 GT40lego-75881-ford-gt-2016-ford-1966-gt40-speed-champions

75882 Ferrari FXX K & Development Centerlego-75882-ferrari-fxx-k-development-center-speed-champions

75883 Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Teamlego-75883-mercedes-amg-petronas-formula-one-team-speed-champions

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