LEGO Samurai X Cave Chaos (70596) – The official pictures

Pictures of the new Ninjago set, Samurai X Cave Chaos (70596), have been published on Amazon Japan, showing an awesome set with plenty of action and details to enjoy. With exactly one thousand and two hundred and fifty three pieces it is until the moment the biggest Ninjago set of the next wave of releases.

Besides the big cave, the set includes also three vehicles ( a motorbike, a small jet and a strange Ninjago flying machine) a mech  and eight mini-figures with an endless number of weapons: Wu, Nya, Lloyd Garmadon, Jay Walker, General Cryptor, Pythor P. Chumsworth, Swordsman and General Kozu.

The new Ninjago set, Samurai X Cave Chaos (70596), showcases the imaginative world of LEGO with its intricate design and exciting features. This set not only offers a grand cave structure but also includes three vehicles, a powerful mech, and a remarkable selection of mini-figures equipped with an array of weapons. Among the impressive arsenal of weaponry, the inclusion of the samurai sword adds an authentic touch to the Ninjago theme, allowing builders to recreate epic battles and adventures. and after seeing a Samurai sword in your Lego set you feel like you want to have mini katana for yourself too. With attention to detail and a focus on action, LEGO enthusiasts can dive into a captivating play experience, unleashing their creativity and immersing themselves in the world of Ninjago.


The set should be available next summer with a retail price around the hundred and twenty dollars. Have a look at the images and enjoy!LEGO-Samurai-X-Cave-Chaos-70596-ninjagoLEGO-Samurai-X-Cave-Chaos-70596-ninjago-1-

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