Lego Polybags – Seven new Releases

Seven new polybags were recently revealed and I must confess that at least a couple of them caught my attention. There are two city bags, a coast guard seaplane and a lawn mower, two creators namely a usual Christmas tree and a nice hot dog stand, a toysrus exclusive, Geoffrey the Giraffe, a black race car and finally a nice autumn scene with plenty of leaves.

I especially liked the lawn mower and the hot dog little car which in my opinion are not only a good addition to the city environment but most of all none of them is properly usual in regular sets. Unfortunately there is no information about release dates or even eventual availability on different markets.

Please have a look at each one of them:

Lego 30186 – Christmas Tree

51 pieces

Lego 30224 – Ride on Lawn Mower

41 Pieces

Lego 30225 – Coast Guard Seaplane

35 Pieces

Lego 40057 – Autumn Fall

72 Pieces

Leg -40077 – Geoffrey

62 Pieces

Lego 40078 – Hot Dog car

39 Pieces

Lego 40200 – Racing Car

30 Pieces


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