New Lego Police City sets have been unveiled

Pictures of the new 2017 Police sets have been surfing on the internet in the past hours. I don’t know exactly which the source is, but they’re surely great news for the Lego City Fans, especially for those who want to invest in some upgrades.

The sets are the ATV Arrest (60135), a Starter Set (60136), Tow Truck Trouble (60137), the High Speed Chase (60138), The Mobile Command Center (60139), the Bulldozer Break in (60140), a new Police Station (60141) and the Auto Transport Heist (60143). Please note that there are a few gaps in the set line, so I think that we’ll soon here some more about a few

Generically I think that there aren’t many new buildings or vehicles, with perhaps the exception of the auto transporter or the Bulldozer for instance. However the two most wanted, the Police station and the mobile Station, are definitely very good and are surely an awesome upgrade, compared to the previous

Soon I’ll make some detailed comments about each one of them, but for now, have a look at the available pictures and enjoy it!

ATV Arrestlego-city-police-atv-arrest-60135 lego-city-police-atv-arrest-60135-1

Starter Setlego-city-police-starter-set-60136-1 lego-city-police-starter-set-60136Tow Truck Troublelego-city-police-tow-truck-trouble-60137-1 lego-city-police-tow-truck-trouble-60137

High Speed Chaselego-city-police-high-speed-chase-60138 lego-city-police-high-speed-chase-60138-1

Mobile Command Centerlego-city-police-mobile-command-center-60139-1 lego-city-police-mobile-command-center-60139

Bulldozer Break inlego-city-police-bulldozer-break-in-60140 lego-city-police-bulldozer-break-in-60140-1

Police Stationlego-city-police-station-60141-1 lego-city-police-station-60141

Auto Transport Heistlego-city-police-auto-transport-heist-60143-1 lego-city-police-auto-transport-heist-60143

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