Lego Pirates – A possible 2015 set list

As you probably remember, in last April there was a rumor mentioning that in 2015 we could possibly have the return of Lego Pirates which was absolutely a small light in the end of the tunnel for the Pirates’ fans.

Giving consistency to this rumor, a new set list appeared today in Eurobricks presenting five new sets and their respective price. There aren’t for now any kind of detail with the exception of the names, however it is possible that a couple of additional exclusive sets will also integrate the list. The theme is expected to hit stores in the begging of the year!

Meanwhile have a look at them:

  • Shipwreck Defense – $12
  • Soldiers’ Outpost – $20
  • Treasure Island – $20
  • Soldiers’ Fort – $40
  • The Brick Bounty – $90

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