Lego Ninjago – New 2013 sets

Recently rumors revealed the first highlights of the new Ninjago sets that will be released next year. Although there is the possibility that this theme finishes its journey next year, there is of course and similarly to other themes, the curiosity to discover the new sets and all the bunch of models mini-figures and the main features.

At the moment there are no spies or under covered pictures, however six new sets are already known. There will be a Fire Robot (Lego 70500) which will have two mini-figures and some weapons, a Samurai Bike (Lego 70501) with Jay and a Warrior and a Power drill (Lego 70502) that will surely surpass and smash any kind of obstacle.Lego 70503 will bring us a Golden Dragon with three mini-figures which will be Golden Ninja Lloyd, and two Waruwaru Samurais: a scout and a warrior. The Lego 70504 apparently will be the Garmatron with all the environment of the world of darkness. With it, three nice mini-figures: Zane, Kozu General and a Waruwaru Samurai.Finally the last known set, the Lego 70505, Temple of light, which definitely will be the biggest one. A golden robot and five guys, the Lord Garmadon , the Golden Ninja Lloyd, Sensei Wu, and two Waruwaru Samurais will trigger the great final battle among the Ninjago World. It’s not bad at all, let’s wait then for new pictures.

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