Lego Ninjago Movie Sets – The First Official Pictures

Official Images of the new Ninjago Movie sets have been surfing in the net, in the past hours, showing most part of the sets that will make part of the next wave of releases. And there is definitely a lot of great stuff to enjoy.

The list includes only two sets below the twenty dollars and as always the bigger are absolutely the most appellative. The Temple of the Ultimate Weapon (70617) and the Destiny’s Bounty (70618) are simply outstanding and should cost respectively hundred and hundred and seventy dollars. lego-ninjago-movie70606-70607-70608-70609-70610-70611-70612-70614-70615-70616-70617-70618

The mini-figures are once again pretty accurate and for sure an extra reason to achieve the sets. Have a look at the list:

70606 – Spinjitzu Traininglego-ninjago-movie-7060670607 – Ninjago City Chaselego-ninjago-movie-70607

70608 – Master Fallslego-ninjago-movie-70608

70609 – Manta Ray Bomber lego-ninjago-movie-70609

70611 – Water Striderlego-ninjago-movie-706011

70612 – Green Ninja Mech Dragonlego-ninjago-movie-706012

70614 – Lightning Jet lego-ninjago-movie-706014

70615 – Fire Mech lego-ninjago-movie-70615

70617 – Temple of the Ultimate Weapon lego-ninjago-movie-70617

70618 – Destiny’s Bounty lego-ninjago-movie-70618

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