Lego Ninjago Movie Set – The First Pictures

Pictures of a new Lego Movie Ninjago set have been unveiled in a toysrus set, showing a pretty nice perspective of one of the small size box (70610 – it has no official name yet…) that will make part of the new set list.

The exact piece count is not available but it is possible to see the set features a small and detailed brown boat, a sort of submarine with a central oval cockpit with some weapons nearby and four long chains right below. The number of mini-figures is also considerable: four and looking at the picture, they’ll be Jay, two ninjago villains and a civil.

This set, just like the others, will be available next summer by the time that the movie hits theaters.Lego-Ninjago-Movie-set-70610Lego-Ninjago-Movie-set-70610-1

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