Lego Ninjago in 2014

As you probably remember, last year Ninjago, according to rumors, was planned to end and be replaced by Galaxy Squad which wasn’t definitely well received by the fan (especially the change). Gladly, that was only a rumor – a few sites mentioned that it was not planned – but the truth is that no further information was advanced about that.

This year, there was only a single wave of set releases, in the beginning of the year, what increased the probability of that rumor was truth. However, the Hungarian site, Kockamania, ,and to the joy of the fans, not only mention that Ninjago will be on stores next year but most of all they advance a possible set list. The names might not be the real ones but the range of the set numbers is considerably consistent in order to consider it more than a rumor.

Have a look at a possible set list:

LEGO 70720 – Hover Hunter

LEGO 70721 – Fighter Kai

LEGO 70722 – Over Borg Attack

LEGO 70723 – Thunder Raider

LEGO 70724 – NinjaCopter

LEGO 70725 – Nindroid MechDragon

LEGO 70726 – Destructoid

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