Lego Ninjago – First available pictures of the 2013 sets

First of all, I must say that I’m not a big fan of Ninjago. However I truly respect those who like this type of sets as much as the other. After all we can’t all simply like the same things. So you guys must be pretty excited because finally some nice pictures have been revealed, although most part of it is only the set boxes.

For me that don’t waste many time with the theme, I must say that I’m quite surprised with the temple of light (lego 70505). The gigantic warrior, the big red temple as well as the amazing details and its rare mini-figs surely made me stop for a while and carefully look at it. This is definitely a great creation among the Ninjago theme.

At a glance, the Coles Earth Driller is also very nice and globally all the mini-figures are surely a great addition to any collection. Please have a look at the new set boxes which unfortunately have only a reasonable resolution:

70500 Kai’s Fire Mech

70501 Warrior Bike

70502 Coles Earth Driller

70503 The Golden Dragon

70504 Garmatron

70505 Temple of Light

15 thoughts on “Lego Ninjago – First available pictures of the 2013 sets

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  2. I was looking everywhere this Christmas to buy my son the lego ninjago temple of light (it’s one of the only things on his Christmas list) and your site was the only one that made me realize it’s a 2013 set that isn’t even out yet. Your descriptions and photos are very helpful and I was just wondering if there is any way to subscribe to your site/blog so that I can receive it in my inbox? I looked around your site here but didn’t see anywhere to do so. If there is, I would be very interested in doing that. If not, then thanks for posting great and accurate work and I will check back often. Thank you!

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