Lego Ninjago 2018 – Some New Images

New pictures of a few new Ninjago sets, bases this time on a new episode, Sons of Garmadon, have been published once again on a ToysRus website. And for now, my first impressions are really good, there are absolutely some great vehicles, some bikes, a couple of mechs, a Headquarters and plenty of mini-figures to enjoy!

Five new Spinjitzu Master sets (Kai, Nya, Jay, Zane and Cole) are also planned but my favorite is absolutely the Street Race of Snake Jaguar (70639) with two awesome detailed bikes and three mini-figures. These sets and presumably a few more should be available in the first months of 2018.

Can’t wait to see the set boxes! Have a look at them:

70638 – Katana VII

70639 – Street Race of Snake Jaguar

70640 – S.O.G. Headquarters

70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler

70642 – Klow vs. Samurai X

Spinjitzu Masters 

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