Lego Ninjago 2014 heading for Nindroids

Ninjago Facebook page has presented an image of a new Lego Ninjago Poster with what it seems to be a new Ninjago Mini-figure which a few rumors call it the General Cryptor. But more interesting than this is that the new cyborg is already surfing in the internet as you can see in the image below!

The new Poster presents, at the bottom, a big binary sentence, “01001110 01001001 01001110 01000100 01010010 01001111 01001001 01000100″, which means “Nindroid”, definitely a different concept, compared to the actual Ninjago sets.

If it is a truly preview of the new wave of Ninjago mini-figures, they look absolutely outstanding. The torso and most of all the head are pretty detailed and the helmet with the red spot definitely caught all the attention. With a release date planned for September 2014, all this new wave of sets will be accompanied with the new movie, a few animated shows and some comic books.

Meanwhile remember the possible set list for next year.

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