Lego Nexo Knights – Preliminary Infos

A lot of new information about the new Nexo Knights has been posted once again on Euro Bricks. The list includes eight new sets of different sizes and looking at the descriptions a bunch of nice stuff to play with. The theme is planned to be a sort of substitute of Legends of Chima but there are surely a lot of influences from Castle.

In addition, there will be also a lot more besides the sets during next year namely books, Tv Shows, games, apps and a lot more. The new wave of is planned to hit markets next January and I couldn’t finish my two cents without a small appointment to the sets’ sketches. I don’t know where they have come from but they’re simply awesome!

Have a look at the long list of comments:

General facts – logo is legit, the name is indeed Nexo Knights (in case you still don’t believe me for some reason :wink:) Boxes are dark blue with a firey orange to yellow sci fi- sort of border. Main Nexo Knight colors are blue and grey with a lot of trans neon reddish-orange (Ice Planet 2002) The shield in the logo is a piece that appears a LOT. Set designs are.. pretty wacky. Zero steampunk. Knights are orange, green, blue, I think white, and maybe a few more. Clay is white and grey, but there’s another grey/white knight.

70310 Knighton Disc Launchers – Small thing with two wheels (they’re old wheels, only set I remember is Rocket Ride from Spongebob) with two disc shooters. Two long stick things with new TNRO blade pieces. Knight is grey with new blue armor piece, and the weird helmet that looks like a dish and a round thing on top. Weird. Bad guy is all red with a black Tomahawk Warrior mohawk.

70311 Chaos Catapult – Appears to be a dark brown/black thing with TNRO bits on the side. A blue knight. I can’t see a bad guy but I’m assuming he’s controlling the catapult.

70312 Lance’s Robo Horse – Really weird design. Rather skinny, those plain angled Technic things in blue are literally the limbs. Odd red wheel hanging from the chest in the middle. Plain white figure with grey armor on the back (presumably all prelim) Flick fire! All I can really make out.

70313 Monster Masher thing right? – Can not make anything out. I am sorry. Giant black blob with NERO rock (think the Crystal King thing from Power Miners, those slope pieces) piece. Looks like there’s a small escape pod or something. Green/grey knight and black/red (with dark red Chima fists) minifigures.

70314 ‘The chaotic chariot of Beast Master’ – Giant monster podracer. The two “pods” are round spheres. Top half is the normal dome cockpit screen piece (I forgot what they’re called for some reason, lol) with yellow angry eyes. Bottom half are teeth. They can open and close. Looks pretty cool, honestly. The cockpit area is dark red, fire coming out, catapult behind “Beast Master” who is red and darkred. TNRO chain pieces connect the pods to the pilot area. Small Nexo Knight aircraft, I think it might be a dragon? Once again, blue, grey, and TNRO. Shield piece.

70315 Clay’s Blade Cruiser – Err. Hm. I think LEGO’s made a similar shaped set before. It’s.. got a giant blade piece we’ve seen before in grey going down the middle, on it is the classic castle sword, the chrome one. Mars Mission wheels in grey. Two robo-knights (pretty simple build, I can remake if anyone wants) on each side. In the driver’s area is a new windshield, it looks really cool, like a V (which I can also draw if someone wants) More TNRO! Looks like not only TNRO, but normal trans orange. On the sides of the driver are dark blue fin pieces. Spring shooter (with nothing on top, looks really.. plain) in the back. Minifigures include Clay, two Robo Knights, a bag guy, and a small red creature. Bad guy is black and red, Shredder shoulderpads and what looks like the old Castle helmet (think Evil Knight from CMF) but with the tooth pieces in orange on the side.

70316 Jestro’s Companions of Darkness – It looks like a big steamroller with an evil jester face on front with a small weird looking tower in the back. Both sides have giant trans orange wheels. Left is covered in black, left is covered in red. The jester head is, err.. odd. Lots of teeth, The “hat” is made of [Garmadon Lair spider legs] with small spheres on the ends. Inside the mouth are TNRO saw blade (Power Miners, the really small set) The middle has a treasure chest. Two catapults using the bottom halves of Rock Raider boulders in TNRO with white new Chima claws around them are on each side, one black, one red. At the back is the weird tower. There’s a random dark blue door there with a slit in the middle, I think it’s a new piece. Something is behind it. Above that is Jestro and a flag with spikes coming out behind him. In front of the.. vehicle is a brick built monster with a minifigure head and a new helmet, along with a new 1×1 plate with a spike, sort of a pyramid. Connected with the TNRO chains. Small robo dragon from the Nexo side, grey/blue/trans-orange. Has what looks like a lance made with the long antenna piece in TNRO. (The normal robot claw piece is in orange, that’s new) and a grey knight with the new shield (this one is gold and.. well, looks important.) Minifigures are Jestro (Looks like main bad guy, he’s on all boxes. Harley headpiece, red and purple, red cape, weird purple/orange glowy staff thing?) two mini red creatures, a barrel? and a Nexo Knight. Big monster guy is also counted as a minifigure.

70317 Giant Moving Castle thing – Giant blue castle on tank treads. No joke. Lots of TNRO, grey, blue. dark blue doors (Jestro set) and a new sort of flat shield brick/piece thing is all around. There are 4 tank treads, two flat ones in the back, and two that slope upwards in the front (don’t really know how to describe_ In the middle is a giant drawbridge that a flyer can zoom out of. Behind it is a giant TNRO banner with a doodle of a wizard on it, probably preliminary. More TNRO chains. Two tall towers in the front, both have the giant six stud shooters. Giant TNRO banners on the top. The back it just blue walls, some shooters, and there’s an undead robot chef that uses the Ninjago skeleton parts with a possibly shorter torso? The baddies have a neat dark red, firey monster flyer that shoots dics. Minifigures are Blue Nexo, Green Nexo (both have an interesting visor I can doodle on request) a really really prelim sort of big-fig (minifigure legs, new mold upper half, big) with an axe that uses the same blades as the ones in Knighton Disc, the wizard banner is shown as a minifigure, two fire creatures, and flyer bad guy.

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