Lego Nexo Knights – More 2017 Sets revealed

Today is the day! Here they are, the new 2017 Nexo Knights! And there’s once again plenty of stuff to enjoy. The color scheme is kept, as well as the battle environment and I’m sure that the fans will be delighted with the news.

The long set list include: King’s Guard Artillery (70347), Lance’s Twin Jouster (70348), Ruina’s Lock & Roller (70349), The Three Brothers (70350), Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster (70351), Jestro’s Monstrous Monster Vehicle (70352), Lance vs. Lightning (70359) and the Battle Suits: Battle Suit Clay (70362), Battle Suit Macy (70363), Battle Suit Aaron (70364), Battle Suit Axl (70365) and  Battle Suit Lance (70366)!lego-nexo-knights-70347-70348-70349-70350-70351-70352-70359-70362-70363-70364-70365-70366

Have a look at the images and take your own conclusions!

70347 – King’s Guard Artillery lego-nexo-knights-70347 lego-nexo-knights-70347-1

70348 – Lance’s Twin Jouster lego-nexo-knights-70348 lego-nexo-knights-70348-1

70349 – Ruina’s Lock & Roller lego-nexo-knights-70349 lego-nexo-knights-70349-1

70350 – The Three Brothers lego-nexo-knights-70350 lego-nexo-knights-70350-1

70351 – Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster lego-nexo-knights-70351 lego-nexo-knights-70352

70352 – Jestro’s Monstrous Monster Vehiclelego-nexo-knights-70350-1 lego-nexo-knights-70350

70359 – Lance vs. Lightninglego-nexo-knights-70359 lego-nexo-knights-70359-1

70362 – Battle Suit Claylego-nexo-knights-70362

70363 – Battle Suit Macylego-nexo-knights-70363

70364 – Battle Suit Aaronlego-nexo-knights-70364

70365 – Battle Suit Axllego-nexo-knights-70365

70366 – Battle Suit Lancelego-nexo-knights-70366

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