Lego Nexo Knights Mini-figures – The first pictures

New York Comic Con 2015 has just started and, as it was expected, it didn’t take long until news, pictures and details about Lego sets and mini-figures appeared in the internet.  Nexo Knights is probably Lego’s biggest announcement in the event and during the next days there will be certainly a lot to see about the new fourteen sets of this wave.

For now, it’s already possible to observe some of the mini-figures that will make part of the sets, namely Clay, Macy, Jestro, Axl, Lance, Aaron, and Claybot. The guys seem pretty sophisticated with lots of printed details everywhere, big armors and a bunch of nice

These characters and a few more will be part of the new wave that will hit markets in the beginning of 2016. Have a look at them and enjoy!lego-nexo-knights-mini-figures-Lance-Aaron-Claybot lego-nexo-knights-mini-figures-Macy-Axl

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