Lego Monster Fighters 9463 – The Werewolf

The Werewolf is a Monster fighter set that was recently released on stores. It intends to recreate a scene where the Major Quinton, attracted by the moonstone falls into an ambush. The set is composed by an unusual tree, with a nice jumping mechanism at the top, the werewolf, a vehicle, typical of the theme, for the Major, and the so called two mini-figures: the werewolf and the Major Quinton Steele, which definitely are a good addition to any collection.

Starting by the vehicle, it is a bit small but its wheels are, proportionally, bigger than usual. Besides that, the rear axe is higher than the front one, which gives the car a nice effect. If we look at the unusual details of the car, the list is huge: the front grill is a rare piece, the front lights are four and are pinned on some pieces commonly used in other tasks, the side engine valves and the small windshield are some of the aspects that we look at the first glance. And I was almost forgetting the rarest: the silver frog, over the engine!The tree is everything but a tree. It has, in the base, a small witchcraft temple with some horns and a orange flame. The structure is made with brown pieces of two different shades (the darker one is quite rare) with some green branches, and in the top, there is the main feature: a clever catapult for the werewolf, made with some technic pieces.With a small lever, the catapult has sufficient strength to project the wolf, that can easily be hided on top, towards the vehicle or the major. Talking about this one, it has a nice weapon to kick the ass to the werewolf but this one surely has some other arguments, namely the surprise effect.With almost two hundred and fifty pieces, it has a reasonable price of twenty dollars and looks like a good complement to some major sets such as the vampire castle. Please take a look at some photos, below:

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