Lego Mini-Figures – The First Image of the New Series 12 – Updated with individual images

The first picture of the new series 12 of mini-figures has been surfing in the internet, containing all the sixteen guys that will be at the same time characters of the new Lego movie that will be in theatres next February.

As you probably know all the mini-figures make part of the movie and through the picture I would say that all of them are pretty interesting with some really nice details. At the first glance I especially enjoyed four of them, the Taco Tuesday Guy, the Scribbe-Face Bad Cop (despite being a traditional cop, it has some really nice details), the Panda guy and Wiley Fusebot (the guy with the Dynamite).

Have a look at all of them and below, to the complete list:

At the bottom, left to right:

    • “Where are my Pants?” Guy
    • Wiley Fusebot
    • President Business
    • Wild West Wyldstyle
    • Hard Hat Emmet
    • Scribbe-Face Bad Cop
    • Mrs. Scratchen-Post
    • Marsha Queen of the Mermaids

At the top, left to right:

    • Calamity Drone
    • Gail the Construction Worker
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Larry the Barista
    • Panda Guy
    • Velma Staplebot
    • William Shakespeare
    • Taco Tuesday Guy

Enjoy the gallery:

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