Lego Mini-figures Series Codes

This post is made especially to my friend Daniel, who suddenly got the passion for series 6 and 7 mini-figures (gladly they’re at the moment available on some European retail stores…). Probably most of you have already heard about it, but I haven’t talked about it here. If you’re a mini-figure collector or even a sporadic buyer you have probably noticed that is almost impossible to know what is inside a bag without opening it first. You can touch it carefully and have an idea but for certain figures it is surely impossible to be 100% sure that we’re buying the right guy.

However, at the bottom of the bags, there are about two to five dot codes that in most of the polybags are rather well visible. The trick is to detect their disposition and compare them to the following tables according to the figure we want to find. In case of the dots are not consistent or visible, my advice is just simply pass to the next bag.

Personally I’ve tried a few bags of the following series and it works pretty well. In case of doubt the following picture tries to give a help about its location. Please, have a look:

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5Series 6

Series 7

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