Lego Mini-figures series 13 will be based on Simpsons?

If it’s true, it would definitely be awesome, especially for those who where fans of that 90’s cartoon series. The rumors that recently have been surfing in the internet point that the 13th series will be completely filled with Simpsons characters which would be pretty nice to complement the already announced Simpsons sets that will be on stores in the beginning of 2014.

I guess that it won’t be that difficult to find sixteen characters from that bunch of episodes. Joining the already “announced” Simpson family, namely Bart, Hommer, Lisa, Marge and Maggie, there will be certainly a few that will be also present in the 2014 sets.

According to rumors characters like Milhouse Van Houten, Mr. Burns Waylon Smithers, the twins Sherri and Terri, Krusty the Clown, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Nelson Muntz Grandpa and Ned Flanders are already planned to be launched and included in the wave of regular sets.

Assuming that not all these guys will make part of the series 13, I guess that the total number of Simpsons’ mini-figures (series 13 plus regular sets) will be certainly huge. These is surely interesting if it’s true, but for now keep in mind that these are only rumors and so it should be given the relative importance that it deserves.

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