Lego Mini-figures – A close look to the new Series 12

The first official picture of the new series 12 of mini-figures has been surfing in the internet in the past hours and my first thoughts after looking at it couldn’t be better. All of them are absolutely pretty and with some really nice details.

The complete line-up includes: Video Game Guy, Prospector, 80?s Rocker, Swashbuckler, Jester, Fairytale Princess, Spooky Girl, Pizza Delivery Guy, Hun Warrior, Genie Girl, Lifeguard, Wizard, Dino Tracker, Space Miner, Battle Goddess and Pig Suit Guy. It’s a hard choice but if there was a top three, the chosen ones would be, in my opinion, the space miner, the Dino tracker and Jester, which are simply amazing!

In this mini-figures Series, that will be available only in October, there will be a code on each bag that will allow unlocking the respective figure in the Lego mini-figures online game. Until them enjoy the pictures!

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