Lego Minecraft – The Fortress (21127) Official Pictures

Official pictures of the new Minecraft set, The Fortress, have been published on British Amazon, showing a pretty interesting set with lots of nice details in a total of almost one thousand pieces that will also includes six figures: three skeletons, Steve with a golden armor, a horse and a sheep.

In addition, and as main features, the fortress includes a few large doors with a pressure plate, watchtowers, a few windows with bars, cannons, water areas, farm and even a prison with an opening function of the

As you can see in the set box pictures, there will be also three additional building possibilities where clearly stands out a big tower and a long wall with two small towers on lego-21127-fortress-minecraft-2the edges. Not being a truly fan, I’m especially curious to see this set just as it hit stores. The set should be available on summer with a retail price of hundred and tem

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