Lego Minecraft – A Possible Mini-Figure Scale Set List

For those who like Minecraft Lego, here comes an important update: a list with six new sets has appeared on, and according to the latest rumors they will probably be the new mini-figure scale sets that we’re already mentioned a while ago.

Personally, this kind of Lego isn’t definitely my favorite but for those who enjoy it, there are already some information, namely their names and prices which indirectly indicate their size. Have a look at the complete list which, unfortunately, will only hit stores next November, just in time for Christmas gifts!

Lego 21113 – The Cave ($ 19.95)

Lego 21114 – The Farm ($ 29.95)

Lego 21115 – The First Night ($ 39.95)

Lego 21116 – Creative Box (54.95)

Lego 21117 – The Ender Dragon (69.95)

Lego 21118 – The Mine (99.95)

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