Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Two New 2016 Sets

The 2016 Marvel and DC Comics of sets seem to be a little bit shyer than the other themes and only now are starting to surf in the internet with two new sets: the Iron skull Sub attack (76048) and the Avenjet Space Mission (76049)

The first one features a big black submarine with four mini-figures (Iron Man, Captain America, Hydra Henchman and Iron Skull) and a lot of action. The second shows a great space ship with five mini-figures that will include Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hyperion and Thanos.Lego-76048-76049-super-heroes

The sets will respectively retail around the forty and seventy dollars and should be available in the first 2016 months.

Lego 76048 – Iron Skull Sub AttackLego-76048-Iron-skull-Sub-attack-super-heroes
Lego 76049 – Avenjet Space Missionlego-76049-Avenjet-Space-Mission-76049-super-heroes

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