Lego Marvel Super Heroes Thor: Ragnarok – The Official Pictures

Images of the new Super Heroes Thor: Ragnarok sets have been revealed on Lego servers, showing more closely most part of their details and features. Particularly I always like to see the back of the set boxes where normally all the main features are clearly described.

The Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084) and Thor vs Hulk Arena Crash (76088) were already known since a few days ago but definitely there is nothing like seeing the official pics. Both will be available next summer with a retail price around the fifty and sixty dollars,

Have a close look at them:

Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084)Lego-Ultimate-Battle-for-Asgard-76084-superheroes-3 Lego-Ultimate-Battle-for-Asgard-76084-superheroes-2 Lego-Ultimate-Battle-for-Asgard-76084-superheroes-1

Hulk Arena Crash (76088)Lego-Hulk-Arena-Crash-superheroes-76088-2 Lego-Hulk-Arena-Crash-superheroes-76088-1 Lego-Hulk-Arena-Crash-superheroes-76088

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