Lego Marvel Sets – The First Official Pictures

The official pictures of the new Marvel super Heroes sets have finally been unveiled, this time in a polish website. The sets were already known since a couple of weeks ago, when images of the 2016 catalogue surfed in the internet, but now it’s already possible to get a better idea of these three new boxes.

And they definitely look awesome!  The Black Panther Pursuit (76047), features a fantastic airplane and a sturdy truck, the Crossbones Hazard Heist (75050) shows a cool vehicle with lots of nice details and weapons and the Airport Super Heroes presents an airport control tower, an airplane, and the brick built Giant-Man

The sets will hit stores next Spring and should retail between thirty five (76047) and eighty dollars (76051). Take a look at the pictures:

76047 – Black Panther Pursuit ($35)lego-76047-marvel-super-heroes

76050 – Crossbones Hazard Heist ($25)lego-76050-marvel-super-heroes

76051 – Super Hero Airport Battle ($80)lego-76051-marvel-super-heroes

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