Lego Lord of the rings 9469 Galdalf Arrives – Preview

This unreleased set intends to recreate one of the beginning scenes of the fellowship’s episode. It has around 80 pieces, and two mini-figures, Gandalf and Frodo. If you like the Lord of the Rings’ saga, you might start by this set because it will cost around thirteen dollars which looks like a good deal for start.

Frodo as it would be expectable has small legs and his hair is quite well done. Gandalf is also seemed with the movie’s character, with the long gray clothes (including a heat) and the big beards. A note also to the box that will be released with an environment proper of the movie’s psychedelic times.The cart has is easy to build, it has plenty of different brown color shades and I personally enjoy those big wood wheels. Gandalf has a place to seat, at the front, but unfortunately has no kind of rope to ride the horse. Behind it there are some colored accessories that increases playability and give the cart a LOTR’s look.

The horse looks different from the usual, the animal has a movement position, its legs look movable and It has also a attaching piece witch will connect to the cart. Finally the wheels are attached through the usual technical pieces (brown, this time which is unusual). Next summer, perhaps in June, it will be available on stores. Please take a look at the updated gallery:

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