Lego Legends of Chima: the 2014 Set List

Definitely the 2014 retailer catalogs are hanging around. And with them the set lists presented are surely more complete and clear. One example of this is Legends of Chima which looks amazingly extensive with three types of sets: the Legend beast, the usual regular sets and finally the speedorz that will gladly continue next year.

The Legends Beasts are at the moment a sort of mystery in terms of final look but through their names, they will be probably figures like Chi Laval (70200) or Cragger (70203) for instance. The regular sets will be seven (!!) however there is a set number that was not filled. Probably until the end of the year we’ll hear something about it.

Finally the speedorz will be presented with five new elements in this new wave of sets. Have a look at the complete list:

Legend Beasts

Lego 70123 – Lion Legend Beast

Lego 70124 – Eagle Legend Beast

Lego 70125 – Gorilla Legend Beast

Lego 70126 – Crocodile Legend Beast

Lego 70127 – Wolf Legend Beast

 Regular Sets

 Lego 70128 – Braptor’s Wing Striker

Lego 70129 – Lavertus’ Twin Blade

Lego 70130 – Sparratus’ Spider Striker

Lego 70131 – Rogon’s Rock Flinger

Lego 70132 – Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger

Lego 70133 – Spinlyn’s Cavern

Lego 70134 – Lavertus’ Outland Base


Lego 70136 – Banana Bash

Lego 70137 – Bat Strike

Lego 70138 – Web Dash

Lego 70139 – Sky Launch

Lego 70140 – Stinger Duel

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