Lego legends of Chima – The 2013 Summer Set List

The new theme hasn´t start bombing on stores and the second wave of sets has already been revealed. According to Brickpedia there will be five new sets and seven (!!) new speedorz, in addition to the already existing extensive set list. The theme is not on the top of my priorities but I must confess that most of the sets have really very nice details and features.

Talking about the news, there will be a Twin Bike, a Gorila Striker, a Temple and a Swamp Hideout. These last two look pretty interesting because until the moment there were no king of building or structures in the theme, only vehicles, and if it is confirmed with further pictures they will surely be some great additions.

Have a look at the complete list, including the speedorz:

70007 – Eglor’s Twin Bike

70008 – Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker

70009 – Worriz’s Combat Lair

70010 – The Lion Chi Temple

70014 – The Croc Swamp Hideout


70107 – Skunk Attack

70108 – Royal Roost

70109 – Whirling Vines

70110 – Tower Target

70111 – Swamp Jump

70112 – Croc Chomp

70114 – Sky Joust


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