Lego Legends of Chima and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Set Details

Eurobricks is once again the source of some new details about what it’s coming up in the next wave of Chima and TMNT sets. Having a look at the first, there will be a sub theme, Legends of Beast, each one with one mini-figure, with a retail price around the ten dollars. Some details of new regular sets were also unveiled, being the new Braptor’s Wing striker (70128) the entry set with a retail price around the fifteen dollars.

In terms of TMNT there will be two small waves, one of them with three sets inspired in the new movie and a second with four sets based in the Nick Elodeon animated series. For now unfortunately, there are only a few details about these last four.

Have a look at all of them:

Legends of Beasts

    • Lego 70123 – Lion
    • Lego 70124 – Eagle
    • Lego 70125 – Gorilla
    • Lego 70126 – Crocodile
    • Lego 70127 – Wolf

Regular Chima’s sets:

    • Lego 70128 – Braptor’s Wing Striker – ~Features 2 Minifigures (Braptor (Bat) and Eris). The main attraction, Wing Striker, is a brick built bat in black, pink, and dark green.. The retail price will be around the fiftten dollars.
    • Lego 70129 – Lavertus’ Twin Blade – The Twin Blade is in orang and Scotter’swill have a sort of scorpion. The set will include Two Minifigures ( Lavertus and Scotter. Retail price: Twenty dollars
    • Lego 70130 – Sparratus’ Spider Striker – The set will feature Spider Striker with plenty of thechnic pieces in black and dark red. Minifigures: Sparratus and Gorzan. Retail Price: twenty five dollars
    • Lego 70131 – Rogon’s Rock Flinger – The Rock Flinger is inspired in a rhinoceros with big wheels and will feature three Minifigures: Rogon, Rinona, and Sparracon (Spider).. Retail Price: thirty three dollars
    • Lego 70132 – Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger – With three Minifigures (Scorm, Cragger, and Laval), the set will include Scorpion Stinger buil mostly in black and trans-dark green with a giant tail. For now this is the most expensive retailing around the forty dollars.


    • Lego 79118 – Karais escape on a bike – Fifteen dollars
    • Lego 79119 – The chamber of mutation – Thirty dollars
    • Lego 79120 -T-Rocket – Attack from the air – Thirty five dollars
    • Lego 79121 – Turtle-Submarine – Forty five dollars

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