Lego Legend of Chima – The new 2014 mini-figures

A few days ago, a scan of the back of a Legends of Chima’s instructions booklet has appeared in the internet, containing all the new mini-figures that will be present in the new sets. As always, the new guys are extremely accurate with some really nice details, representative of their tribes.

AS you probably already know there will three new tribes (the bats, the spiders and the scorpions) and, at a glance, at least a couple of them have been dropped down in this wave (the wolves and the Ravens).

As it concerns to the new tribes, there will be eight new elements and almost every one of them is exclusive of a set (the exception are Sparacon from the Scorpions and Blista from the Bats). Spinlyn, Sparacon and Scorn look absolutely great having a big detailed printed body and some really nice elements to play with. Enjoy the picture and have your own conclusions!

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