Lego Juniors 2017 – The first pics

Here we go for the Juniors! The first 2017 Wave of sets will feature at least four new sets, all based in other Lego themes, namely, super Heroes, Friends (two) and Disney Frozen. And the younger fan have absolutely a lot to enjoy!

The new four sets, which have all a small size (the biggest has around hundred and fifty pieces), are: Anna’s and Elsa’s Frozen Playground (10736), Batman vs. Mr. Freeze (10737), Mia’s Farm Suitcase (10746) and Andrea and, finally, Stephanie’s Beach Holiday (10747), that presumably will hit stores in the beginning of new

Have a close look at them:

10736 – Anna’s and Elsa’s Frozen Playgroundlego-juniors-10736-frozen lego-juniors-10736-frozen-1

10737 – Batman vs. Mr. Freezelego-juniors-10737-batmanlego-juniors-10737-batman-1

10746 – Mia’s Farm Suitcaselego-juniors-10746 lego-juniors-10746-1

10747 – Andrea and Stephanie’s Beach Holidaylego-juniors-10747 lego-juniors-10747-friends

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