Lego Ideas – Three new projects achieved 10.000 Supporters

Last day was particularly interesting for Lego Ideas, three new projects achieved, yesterday 10.000 votes! The projects are 1950’s Dinner, the UCS Rey´s Speeder and finally The Ship in a Bottle, The Flagship Leviathan, and all of them have definitely plenty of reasons to be happy.

1950’ Dinner is a nice vintage building with eight hundred pieces that includes a dinner area with table and seats for the costumers, a juke box, a kitchen, a couple of mini-figures and a small gas station with a pink vintage car in the

The UCS Rey´s Speeder is an iconic model from Star Wars Episode 7 with some generous dimensions (it measures around forty five centimeters), a realistic color scheme and a bunch of awesome details and features.

Finally the more discreet Ship in a Bottle, The Flagship Leviathan, which is basically the recreation of an old tradition of putting a shop inside a bottle. Despite the great details of the ship, I especially enjoyed the big translucent bottle and the buildings base structure. Congratulations to all!

1950’s Dinnerlego-ideas-1950-dinner

UCS Rey´s Speederlego-ideas-ucs-rey-speeder

Ship in a Bottlelego-ideas-ship-in-a-bottle

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