Lego Ideas – The Vintage Tram has reached 10.000 votes

Another awesome Ideas Project, the Vintage Tram, has just reached 10.000 supporters. Based on the last century’s trams of Porto, this electric vehicle is in my opinion incredibly reproduced and shows a lot of interesting and realistic details.

From the same creator of the yellow submarine, this project has exactly six hundred and sixty four pieces and features eight seats for the passengers which can be assessed just by removing the roof, a nice driver cab with a couple of control panels, two levers and red fire extinguisher and some additional details such as the company logo in the center, a sticker at the front with the destinations and some rear mirrors next to the

The Vintage Tram joins the extensive list of projects that qualified for the third review stage in 2016. Honestly, I hope that it wins because I definitely love it!lego-ideas-vintage-tram-porto-1

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