Lego Ideas – The Lighthouse achieves 10.000 fans

In a time when news about regular sets have slowed down a bit, a pretty interesting ideas project has just achieved 10.000 supporters, joining the pop up book and the boat house dinner, in the third review stage of this year.

The lighthouse is a huge creation with almost two thousands and four hundred pieces and features besides the light tower, a big building built over an island with plenty of different colors and nice details to enjoy.legoi-ideas-lighthouse

In terms of figures, the project has five (the Carpenter, a Fisherman, a couple of Painters and a Lighthouse manager) as well as some sea life (some Crabs, a Starfish, Sea grass and a Seagull) and a small boat. Inside the house, it is possible to find several rooms namely a small office, a bedroom, a kitchen and a deck among others.legoi-ideas-lighthouse-2

Congratulations to the authors for the magnificent project!

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