Lego Ideas – The Iron Horse Restaurant

It might never reach the 10.000 supporters but this Idea project definitely took my attention. And for the best reasons! The Iron Horse Restaurant is a Modular building with three distinct levels and six-mini-figures in a total of almost two thousand pieces and a bunch or really nice details.

The floor looks rather pretty with a nice entrance and the kitchen being simple has definitely all the major parts that a restaurant needs. Up the stairs, there is the sit down room (the risen details is absolutely great!) with a couple of tables and a bust in the middle. It could have in my opinion, a couple of additional things, but the space isn’t

As always, the floors are easily detachable and on top of this room there’s the roof which is a nice coverage with the same colors scheme of the building, showing also a couple of features for the city birds, that Emma , the owner, don’t forget every night , providing them all the restaurant mini-figures as you can see are besides Emma, the cook, a waiter and three visitors. Overall it’s a really nice project that could easily be a production modular set. Congratulations to the creators!lego-ideas-the-iron-horse-restaurant-1lego-ideas-the-iron-horse-restaurant-2lego-ideas-the-iron-horse-restaurant-3

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